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Moroccan rural woman: Strong, optimistic, supportive

The Alboran Sea bathes two shores, the African one, and the European one. Two cultures sharing centuries of memories in common. At first sight, it might not seem like they have much in common, but there are more things that unite us than separate us.

Taking the opportunity given to us by the celebration of Rural Women's Day a few days ago, Solidary Wheels and No Name Kitchen felt a special interest in getting closer to that reality that unites us as women with one foot in Morocco and the other in Spain. We did this through the interview conducted by our colleague in Melilla, Alba Díez, with Sagrario Aguado, a lady working with the NGO "Filigranas por el Mundo", who, despite the closure of borders as a consequence of the ongoing health crisis, attends to us from the Alpujarra of Granada.

It is wonderful to listen to Sagrario's life experience, which helps up to refute the stereotype of the "passive" retired women, to put the focus of the actions they do for the NGO "Filigranas por el mundo" in Cabo Tres Forcas (Nador), and to highlight how creatively they manage to adapt their projects to the new epidemiological circumstances.

Above all, we find it very interesting to be aware that although there is no robot portrait of "the woman", nor of the "Moroccan woman", some cultural-structural and geographical (enormous isolation) similarities mark the women of the sea, the desert and the mountains, and make them somehow known as "strong, optimistic and supportive" ladies.

We invite you to close your eyes, to be able to picture them in your mind, and empathize with their lives and stories, carried by the voices of Alba and Sagrario.

We are sure that by now, you want to know more about the work of the NGO "Filigranas por el mundo" and about the ways in which you can collaborate with their educational, health and environmental projects on the other side of Cabo de Gata. They need you more than ever, now that the closed border makes the already difficult situation even worse.

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