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Exploring recent changes in access to the CETI in Melilla, this article addresses legal insecurity, lack of transparency and changes in admission criteria. From the context of Melilla to the experiences of Latin American migrants, it reveals the shortcomings of the system and the ongoing struggle for rights.

IVP English

Marhaba, welcome in Arabic, conveys the warmth with which a person is received in a new space, such as a city or a house. In Melilla, migrant youth are often greeted with violence. We use this word in our report to claim the right to migrate and to be a child anywhere in the world.

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More than 12 km long and an increasingly complex border architecture separate Morocco from Spain and establish one of the two land borders between Africa and Europe.

Ni perdón ni reparación. Un mes después de la masacre 24J  (1)_pages-to-jpg-0001.jpg

Reflection article after the massacre in Melilla on 24 June 2022.

Beyond the fence jumps 2022-1_page-0001.jpg

Article analysing what happened since the arrival of almost 900 people after the jumps from Melilla's triple fence  in March 2022.

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