Solidary Wheels is a non-profit association made up of a group of independent volunteers who share a feeling of non-resignation in the face of European border policies and the constant violation of fundamental human rights at these borders.

We were established as an association in June 2019, although prior to this union we carried out our activism independently, both in our cities and countries of origin and around many of the European Union borders, promoting a decent life for displaced people who were arriving in Europe.

In January 2020 we began our work in Melilla, where we carried out our project on the field. Since then, the project has been modelled on the perceived needs and the knowledge and learning of each of the people who collaborate in it.

We believe in a project based on the power of uniting, in which the opinion of each one counts and in creating stable structures that avoid the project's collapse in the absence of any one member. For this reason, we are a non-hierarchical team, based on transparent communication and on the collaboration and integration of all the people who wish to contribute to it.

We are a group predominantly of women and our firm principle is to empower each other through collaborative working and the creation of bonds.


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