Solidary Wheels is a non-profit association, independent of any external structure, non-partisan and anti-racist, based in the firm belief that all people are equal, and the necessity to defend this principle in the face of political and social forces' growth that attack it.

Our main objective focuses on social solidarity, support, empowerment, integration, respect, and active participation of those people who find themselves immersed in a context of vulnerability, rejecting any form of hierarchical power.

We respond to situations of humanitarian emergency in the field, as well as in the creation of awareness-raising and dissemination platforms, in order to promote the active participation of society in face of the margination of groups who receive limited humanitarian attention.

We are aware of our social and civil responsibility, and we are consistent in our work. That is why our actions are developed in an integrative framework cut off from racist, sexist, homophobic and classist ideologies.

As of today, all projects carried out by the association have been supported by the active participation of volunteers and the financial aid of individuals and other collectives, associations and organizations, who have trusted our mission and share our code of ethics.


Our basis is our principles and, therefore, we reject any collaboration that can jeopardize them or any external pressure that may intend to make us act in an inconsistent way.


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