Our main goal is the defense and promotion of the human rights of people who are trapped in European borders, regardless of their gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. 

We are moved by our indignation at the human rights violations that these communities continually suffer, and at the living conditions that the closed border policies of the European Union and its states impose on them, thus trying to give a voice to those who suffer these injustices. Furthermore, we want to provide information to the citizens of the EU, in whose names these acts are committed, in order to prompt them to demand from their leaders the effective implementation of fundamental rights, reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We believe in the importance of restoring the dignity that the migratory process takes away from people at European borders. For all this, we participate actively and horizontally, encouraging cooperation between volunteers and beneficiaries, promoting in turn integration, mutual respect and understanding.

We want to focus our actions on the creation of local and international support networks, as well as the dissemination of a general awareness of solidarity in the face of the institutional abandonment experienced by thousands of people on the doorstep of the European Union.