We took the decision to start working in Melilla upon realising the lack of information about the scarcity of resources focused on migrant persons who are on the streets there, either because they cannot enter the shelter accomodation centers or because they choose not to do so, and who are, in their majority, underage. Therefore, our main activity in the city is focused on this group. 

We try to cover, as far as possible, the basic needs that may arise from the situation in which they find themselves. We seek a transformation of the harsh reality in which people on the streets live and, to this end, we establish links of support, trust and respect that allow us to know their reality and transform it to prevent a greater impact on the migration process itself.

The activities we carry out are part of a joint project in which we collaborate with the association No Name Kitchen, which works side by side and in a horizontal way with us.

The purpose of the collaboration was born with the idea of guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities developed, as well as promoting their continuity in the future.

The added value of the cooperation between both associations is the expansion of both local and international support networks, creating a greater dissemination impact of the rights violations committed both at the border and within the territory itself.